Tomato Confit

Tomatoes are easily my favorite item from the produce department. I like them in soup, on salads, pressed into paninis, and slathered over pasta. So when I saw a recipe for tomato confit on one of  the cooking blogs I frequent, Herbivoracious (soon to be a book!), I knew I had to try it.

Prepping twenty Roma tomatoes took me an hour, though I’m sure most people could do it faster. Then they were popped in the oven for there hours. (Actually, more like two hours and forty-five minutes. I couldn’t wait any longer.) Although they didn’t come out looking as good as the professional ones, they were bursting with flavor. I would imagine that had I used organic they would have been even better, but spending $15 felt like too big of a leap of faith for a new recipe.

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I’ve never fussed over anything in the kitchen the way I fussed over those tomatoes, and the result was fantastic. Paired with another recipe from the same blog, it made for one of the best dinners in recent memory. It proves that you can go meat-free and still be entirely satisfied. Plus the rest of the confit is in the fridge, waiting for some other delicious inspiration.

Find the recipe here and try it soon before it’s too hot to have your oven on for three hours!