Heart Wreath

If you came to my apartment complex today and stood in front of the door to two-oh-nine, this is what you would see:

Yes, it is almost March and I still have my Valentine’s wreath up! And do you know why? Because making it made a tiny piece of me die inside. Crafting ladies of the Internet, can we have a talk? How are you doing it? How is everything so easy? Did you really just knock out this stupid wreath in front of a marathon of The West Wing one night? Most of you have children. Are you drugging them with Nyquil? What is the deal?

I have two tips for completing this project. One, when you go to the craft store, spend the extra money on the nicest felt they have.  It was about $8 for “premium felt” at my local fabric store. It is worth it because it’s stiffer and makes it easier to work with. Hopefully it will also last longer, because I’m never doing this again.

Tip two: don’t start this. Really. And it isn’t that it’s hard, it’s that it’s tedious. After cutting out a million felt circles and pinning half a million felt circles, I decided that my wreath looked lopsided, and although I was halfway to the finish line, I started pulling out pins. I pulled out so many pins that my husband, who loves me very much, threatened to kick me in the shins if I didn’t stop. And you can’t hold that against him, because he just wanted the madness to be over. I started to sound like that little fish in Finding Nemo. “Just keep pinning, just keep pinning, just keep pinning…”

It looks great though, right?

(You can find a tutorial here if you still want to make one. The original post on Design Sponge does a better job of showing where to put the pins. Good luck.)

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